Carry: Sandy Penrod’s Story

Written by Jennifer Stanley WALK I learned to walk when I was two. Until then, I was carried or scooted myself where I needed to go.  My new iron leg braces went from the bottom of my feet to my hips and wouldn’t bend at all. I practiced every day on the front lawn with […]

Finding Robert: Robert Cupp’s Story as told by Hillcroft staff member Trisha Linton

Written by Sara Renee Robert has been living and working with Trisha and the staff of Hillcroft since 2005. The previous institution he had lived in for many years was closed by the state due to numerous questionable practices. Robert is without words, but has recently started to communicate and show desire to learn and […]

The Gift: Josh Scamihorn’s Story

Written by Ted Baker When I was born thirty-seven years ago, the hospital told my mother, “You don’t have to take him home if you don’t want him.” She ignored the suggestion, just as she dismissed the sympathy cards from “well wishers” that she received upon the news of my birth. For the record, I’m […]

Thirty More Jerrys: Jerry Lewis’s Story as told by Jerry and his co-workers, Tammi Dokes and Jenn

Written by Suzanne Clem Three days a week for 2-3 hours a day, 15-year Olive Garden veteran Jerry Lewis busses tables and scrapes dishes, sporting a broad smile and a winning attitude that manager Tammi and co-worker Jenn would duplicate in every employee, if they could. MY COWORKERS Jerry: I enjoy everybody who works here, […]

Bobby Tells the Story of His Smile: Bobby Taylor’s Story

Written by Michael Brockley My Hillcroft workshop coaches brag about my smile. Say I’m famous for baseball caps and bling. Today, I’m wearing a silver chain with a “B” at the bottom. Another with an “A” for my girlfriend’s name. Everywhere I go, I shake a buddy’s hand. I shoot hoops for Special Olympics. Swim […]