Facing Disabilities is a community wide storytelling project that will give voice to those in the East Central Indiana community who are facing disabilities.

In July, Twenty writers in the community will be matched with twenty storytellers – those facing disabilities from all angles, including those with a disability, those with a disabled loved one, those who work with disabled individuals, etc.

Writers and storytellers will meet, get to know each other, and the writer will write a story, anonymously, from a first-person perspective, as if they were that person.  The stories will be compiled into a book. Hardcopies of the book will be distributed to local organizations and individuals who may benefit from the stories and Hillcroft’s services.

An event and book launch will be held in October where the stories will be given a stage and a voice through monologues and other performances.

About Hillcroft Services

Hillcroft Services, Inc. provides residential, employment, and community support services to individuals with disabilities in a ten (10) county area in East Central Indiana. The mission of Hillcroft is: “To provide innovative services and supports for People with disabilities and their families; resulting in extraordinary differences in People’s lives.” Hillcroft is focused on creating a culture of strong values, understanding the importance of ethical behavior, and maintaining high quality  services to the people they serve.

About the Facing Project

The Facing Project, founded in Muncie by J.R. Jamison and Kelsey Timmerman, connects people through stories to strengthen communities.  The project provides tools, a platform, and inspiration so communities can share the stories of citizens through the talent of local writers, artists, and actors. Facing Disabilities is the third project in Muncie (poverty & autism). The Facing Project has helped communities across the countries face issues such as sex trafficking, homelessness, poverty, hunger, access to higher education, and drug abuse.